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How to Build a Home Apothecary - Paprika Southern Magazine

Posted by Chelsea Stephens on
How to Build a Home Apothecary - Paprika Southern Magazine

We teamed up again! Paprika Southern Magazine is a dreamy pair of lady bosses killing in the creative + intentional living magazine scene in the low country. We wanted to follow up from our collaboration on a simple DIY Lavender Mist, with a way to Build your Home Apothecary.

Simply put, an apothecary is an old world term for a pharmacy, drugstore or someone who dispenses medicinal products. In our modern world, many people consider their apothecary to hold natural remedies, botanical essences like essential oils, salves, sprays and so on.

You can easily and quickly build your home apothecary for your growing and adventurous family here. Later this summer I'll cover my top 5 essential oils I can't live without and how best and safely to use them. 

Stay wild, flower child


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