All Flower Hair Color Powders come in new, more user friendly wide mouth bottles. Updates to come!
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What is Flower Hair Color + Care?

Flower Hair Color and Care are exactly what they sound like; natural hair color and care products made from botanics + flowers. We also include nourishing herbs, leaves like henna, cassia or indigo, seeds, roots and more to enhance the best possible outcome.

Wildflower Gypsy has been cultivated on the foundation of 12+ years of experience in the hair industry, plus continual studies within herbalism, aromatherapy and ayurvedic hair care. We come from a place of demanding 100% pure + honest hair color + care without compromising on ability to color, nourish, soothe or support in your Flower Hair journey. No unpronounceable words, concerning preservatives, toxic dyes or greenwashing. 

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