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Rock Rose Flower Essence Mist

Rock Rose Flower Essence Mist


Flower Essences are the energetic imprint of a flower, captured in spring water through solar or lunar rays. No physical elements of the flower remain. When used externally, flower essence mists promote self awareness with the ability to heal gently from energetic stagnation and imbalances. 

Rock Rose Flower Essence Mist | Protective + Loved

Rock Rose Flower Essence Mist is a synergistic blend of rose hydrosol and flower essences of yarrow and geranium. The floral imprint offers protection from negative energies, while holding space for love and tenderness towards one self. A security blanket for your aura and spirit, a beautiful blend to encourage confidence in ones body, sensual relationships or spiritual self care practices. Scent is entirely rose; light and airy yet admiring and self assuring in ones feminine being.

Usage: Tap bottle 3 times on palm to activate. Mist 2-4 times daily over body, aura and space as needed.


Ingredients: organic white rose hydrosol, organic yarrow flower essence, organic geranium flower essence

2oz amber mist bottle

Avoid contaminating contents to keep your flower essence mist as pure + energetically charged as possible.

All flower essences are grown, crafted or foraged from our own Organic Wildflower Garden.