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Indigo Hazel Oily Rinse


Life is about balance and your hair could use a little of it too.

Natural haircare can range from the no-poo method, all the way to simply swapping conventional shampoo for an organic one. But when it comes to battling unwanted oily hair and scalp, giving up your tried and true synthetic products can be a struggle. 

Everyone's natural sebum, or oil production, varies from person to person. What adds to the grease struggle is actually over washing your hair. Our scalps naturally produce oil to hydrate our scalps skin, as well as be brushed down our hair strands for added moisture.

When we shampoo daily, and with strong detergent based shampoos, our oils are over-stripped. This sends a signal to our hair follicle to produces more oil, to make up for what was just harshly washed away.

And let's not forget that oily prone heads of hair avoid conditioner like nobody's business. However, our hair truly needs hydration, but yours may need a different type than a coarse, dry head of hair and scalp. This is where Indigo Hazel Flower Hair Rinse will be your scalp and hair's new best friend.

Indigo Hazel's flower and herb blend has been crafted with botanicals that will help lessen oil production, ease up on the greasy look and feel, as well as add needed nutrients and slight moisture to fine, limp and oily locks.

  • Lemon Balm and Cornflower act as an astringent, which helps "dry out" excess oil
  • Nettle strengthens hair follicles and encourages healthy growth
  • Rose soothe the scalp and soften strands

To use: Boil 1-2 Cups water on the stove top and then cover 1-2 teaspoons of hair rinse tea with hot water. Let steep for 15-20 minutes, then strain. Next, place your infused herbal hair rinse in a shower safe bottle. Simply shampoo + condition your hair and rinse well. Ring out excess moisture and then pour the hair rinse over your scalp and strands. No need to rinse this blend out.

If you're hair is extremely blonde or white, be mindful of the color of this rinse. Some hair may grab a slight tinge of tone, but will dissipate or wash out with your next shampoo.

Ingredients: Organic botanicals of nettle, lemon balm, rose, cornflower, yarrow

8oz Glass Jar

Handmade in Small Batches
Always in Reusable or Recyclable Containers