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Sunflower Rose Hair Nectar


Keep your free spirited hair soft, shiny and free to flow, where ever you go. 
You know that moment when you're applying hair oil for the fifth time in a day, and the thought crosses your mind, "how dry can one persons hair be?" Or when you glance at the ingredient list and your mind shuts off at the idea of dissecting what those chemical words mean? Its not you my friend, your hair is just searching for something better and healthier to hydrate with.

Conventional haircare tends to carry a lot of synthetic ingredients that act as a barrier on your strands. Authentic, botanically based hair oil is able to properly moisturize, add shine and smooth your parched strands. And the best part, our Dry Hair Oil only requires 3-5 drops per application on wet hair. Its a win, win; you use truly natural, hair loving oils while reducing the need to constantly reapply or restock. Plus you gain peace of mind knowing that your haircare choices are nontoxic, eco-friendly and honestly good for you.

  • Moisturizes dry, lack luster hair instantly
  • Adds immense shine and softness
  • Defines curls and calms fly aways
  • Essential oils hydrate and soothe hair and scalp

Dry Hair Oil contains a concentrated, yet feminine blend of organic botanical oils to work with your parched strands.

  • Abyssinian oil adds silky, soft hydration and protection from daily environmental factors
  • Organic sunflower oil contains high levels of Vitamin E and Omega's to encourage healthy hair growth
  • Organic jojoba oil to lock in moisture and create a gentle barrier against future moisture loss and frizz
  • Infused Herbs add strength, hydration and silica to fortify hair strands 
To use: apply 2-6 drops on wet hair prior to air or blow drying. On dry hair, add 1-3 drops to smooth fly aways, soften strands and add immense shine.
Ingredients: organic sunflower oil, abbysinian oil, organic jojoba oil, organic vitamin e, organic botanics of rose, nettle, horsetail and marshmallow root, frankincense oil, rose oil
1oz glass bottle with dropper
Handmade in small batches. Always in reusable or recyclable bottles.