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Cocoa Lavender Dry Shampoo


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Dry Shampoo and Motherhood Go Hand in Hand


Our busy lives, raising families and blooming businesses leave little time for extra shampoos during the week. Plus, over-washing can cause more distress to our scalp and strands than good. Gone are the days of using baby powder or corn starch.

By swapping over to our clean, plant based dry shampoos your scalp will balance out from less abrasive shampooing and allow you an extra 15 minutes in the morning to sleep, chase a toddler or linger over a cup of tea.

  • Cocoa powder ensures the dreaded gray halo is avoided in brunettes
  • Gentle earthen clays absorb oil and add instant volume 
  • Organic horsetail powder delivers minute amounts of silica to hair follicles, encouraging hair growth and strength
  • Soothing lavender calms the spirit and eases us into our day


Growing a family is magical, but losing your sense of inner beauty isn't.

You are selfless in the pursuit of motherhood and nurturing your dreams turned reality. No more lazy mornings, perfect hair or impromptu showers (unless you count baby accidents.) But in place of this is more love than can be measured, more amazing memories and lessons in patience AND self care. You're magic in human form, glowing and radiating such divine femininity.

Treat yourself well. Take 5 minutes to dust some dry shampoo on and maneuver a low, lived in braid. Brush your teeth and let those wild, star filled eyes take in what wonderful life you have created.


Ingredients: organic cocoa powder, arrowroot powder, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, organic horsetail powder and organic lavender oil