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Chamomile + Clay Blonde Dry Shampoo

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There is beauty in simplicity.

Our feminine souls radiate love, nourishment and an internal desire for wanderlust. Motherhood, chasing our dreams or building a home pull at our strongest traits and gifts. But it is easy to lose our sense of self and beauty among the magical chaos.

Daily shampoos are but a myth, but daily self care is not. As we know over shampooing our strands and scalp can lead to an imbalance of natural oils + strength, which can lead to damaged ends. Forgo the cleanse and opt for our botanical, earthen clay based dry shampoo to quickly and simply radiate your natural beauty.

  • Arrowroot powder adds lightness to blonde tones
  • Natural clays gently and effectively absorb oil
  • Simple volume and texture for lived in styles
  • Calm chamomile powder adds a fresh and soothing scent


Self Care is Not Selfish.


You're building a passionate life filled with love, family and adventures. Its so insanely important to nurture your sense of self identity and self care. Put on a dress that make you feel like Mother Earth herself, dust on some floral + clay dry shampoo and own your happiness.


Ingredients: arrowroot powder, bentonite clay, kaolin clay, organic chamomile flower powder, organic horsetail powder, chamomile oil

2oz glass jar with metal lid. All reusable or recyclable.