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Wildflower Gypsy Salon is a sanctuary of natural beauty and wellbeing with a back to our roots approach to haircare. We believe that self care doesn't have to compromise our health, so we created a space with plant based hair color, gentle + soothing hair treatments, natural and organic cruelty free products, as well as our own artisan made Wildflower Gypsy Herbal Haircare to nourish and heal our strands, root to ends. 

Wildflower Gypsy works with 100% pure herbal plant pigments to create an array of natural hair tones. We also offer Innersense Haircare, Surface Haircare and AG Natural Haircare, as well our own small batch, farm to hair product line, Wildflower Gypsy. 

Folk Beauty Offerings:

Flourish // Full 
A full foundation herbal color to achieve hair goals and transform. This is where we make changes + set your pattern in place.
Time 3-4 Hours // 1-3 x a year // Investment $200-350+

Bloom // Maintenance 
Herbal color service that makes your color look new again with less time + stress on your hair.
Time 2-3 Hours // 6-12 Weeks // Investment $150-250+

Sage // Refresh
Herbal color to add facial blending, shine or extend the life of your color. Typically a signature smudge + tone or glaze.
Time 1-2 Hours // 6-12 Weeks // Investment $100-$150+

Haircut // Natural Style
Includes botanical hair rinse
Time 1 Hour // 6-10 Weeks // Investment $65

Intuitive Ritual // Repair
An intuitively created herbal hair + scalp treatment to heal, nourish or strengthen.
Time 1-1.5 Hours // As Needed // Investment $45 add on/ $75 Solo

We ask that all guests contact us prior to booking an appointment, so we may better serve them and their hair needs. Please use the contact us form or email directly to