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Wildflower Collective

Herbal Hairstylist

 Hair is our Visible Soul

Whether you feel hairstyling + beauty rituals are in vain or an expression of our inner being, you're right. Hair holds so much energy, feeling and desire. Every person we meet has some sort of emotion towards it. Especially as hairstylists. We experience these thoughts every single day from our guests, the industry and ourselves. While creating Wildflower Gypsy I set the intension of allowing space to nurture our creative freedom in rhythm with Nature. A safe space for those suffering at the hands of a conventional society. We are rooted in Mother Nature + I want to reawaken your connection.

Flower Healing

Flowers are bursting with life force energy. They offer healing on every level; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Our practice as stylists can evoke imbalances within these facets and we need to realign and revive the deep connection we have with ourselves. Practices like herbalism, aromatherapy, flower essences + meditation will be used as empowering tools to ground, protect and energize your being.

Cassia, Henna + Indigo

Herbal Hair Color has been around for thousands of years, dating back to beyond the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks. To this day, Ayurvedic practices include working with the herbal powders of Cassia, Henna, Indigo and more. Our hair is made up of protein and many herbal powders have an affinity for attaching to protein. Not only do herbal colors dye hair, they also nourish and correct scalp imbalances, rebuild lost strength within the hair strand, soften, add shine and revive limp locks. Zero chemicals or man made subtances involved. Just pure Nature.

Method + Intention

Customizing, blending and applying are similar to our conventional training. The difference is having a strong background in color theory + herbalism. This includes playing with additives like oils, essential oils, liquids like herbal teas or vinegar, and so on. Plants are literal magic. They hold the power to shift color results as you need them. Plus herbs + flowers will guide you on trusting your own intuition when choosing blends. You'll be offering an experience that will energetically and physically change a person in the truest form while protecting + nurturing your own growth.

Reawaken to Nature

You have an inner calling to reconnect with your roots in Nature. You've been feeling overwhelmed, burned out and sick. A passion should never create an illness, especially one so intune with our own natural rhythms. By resetting, growing your own healing tools and awakening to the possibilities Mother Nature has to offer, you can grow as an herbal hairstylist.

Open your mind to the possibilities + let's Grow together.


Interested Hairstylist's please contact us and include your full name, current cosmetology number and state. We will reach out shortly after with login information.