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Rose Geranium Hydrating Mist

Rose Geranium Hydrating Mist


Wildflower Gypsy Haircare is based on the concept of simplicity + purity to nourish scalp and strands.

Rose Geranium Hydrating Hair Mist | 2oz

Rose Geranium Hydrating Hair Mist is a simple blend of rose and rose geranium hydrosols to impart added light moisture to parched strands. It may also be used to soothe a dry scalp. Our favorite way to ensure proper hydration is to mist over freshly cleansed hair or refresh messy bedhead, then follow with our Sunflower Rose Hair Nectar to seal in hydration, add shine and softness. This combination is a simpler version of a hair cream, minus the excess preservatives and emulsifiers which can cause unnecessary build up. This sweet, floral hydrosol mist smells feminine, fresh, lightly floral with a green undertone. Feel free to use as a hair perfume or facial toner as well.

Usage: Mist onto hair and scalp to hydrate and refresh

Ingredients: organic rose hydrosol, organic rose geranium hydrosol

Extra Flower Love: Follow mist with a few drops of Sunflower Rose Hair Nectar for added frizz control or add a few mists to your Sweet William Gentle Hair Cleanser or Rose Mallow Hair Conditioning Rinse for a boost of aromatic nutrients.