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Aloe Leaf Natural Hair Gel

Aloe Leaf Natural Hair Gel


Wildflower Gypsy Haircare is based on the concept of simplicity + purity to nourish scalp and strands.

Aloe Leaf Natural Hair Gel + Nourisher | 2oz

Dry, frizzy or unruly hair tends to be parched and screaming for hydration. Many consumers are easily confused on which items properly rehydrate to support these imbalances. Aloe Vera plant is apart of a few natural offerings known as a humectant. Humectants bring moisture to and into the hair strand versus sitting on the outside of the cuticle like an oil would. Dehydrated hair desperately needs a humectant to properly balance itself and maintain a healthier look.

Usage: Apply several pumps of pure aloe leaf to palm and apply to freshly washed or dampened hair. For wavy or textured hair, scrunch the aloe in to add a bonus gentle hold or smooth down ends for less textured hair. Once hair is dry, gently squeeze hair to break the gel cast if you do not desire a hold.

Ingredients: organic aloe vera fillet, potassium sorbate, ascorbic acid, citric acid, xantham gum

Extra Flower Love: Add 1 drop of rose geranium essential oil to several pumps of Aloe Leaf for added hydration and a fresh, feminine scent.