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Wildflower Gypsy's Soul

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Wildflower Gypsy's Soul


If I had to choose a single reason for creating Wildflower Gypsy, I'd have a hard time giving an honest answer. Like many life adventures and milestones, Wildflower Gypsy has been cultivated by numerous experiences and circumstances. She is an extension of myself, my heart, soul and passions. After the birth of my daughter, Chloe Mae, my whole world shifted. And for once, I finally saw what I had be unconsciously creating. Wildflower Gypsy envelopes a thoughtful and loving community, where we can embrace who we are as beautiful souls, celebrate our inner and outer beings and encourage healthy, mindful life practices through truly natural, eco-friendly and honest beauty products. 

As any parent can attest, having a child drastically changes your world. Like flip it up side down, backwards and shaken a time or two. For my husband, Beau and I, this was no different. We welcomed Miss Chloe Mae to our world Thursday, April 2, 2015 with arms wide open and hearts bursting with love. I wanted to be the best possible mother for her and do everything "right". Which of course, is easier said than done. We cloth diapered, I proudly nursed and wore her in a wrap every opportunity I had. But the one thing I struggled with was finding healthy, honestly natural skin care to use on her sweet, new skin. Just like her Mama and Daddy, Chloe has very sensitive skin; pair that with baby eczema and we have a frustrating combo. Nothing I found at the store worked or was up to my standards. They either used preservatives that made me cringe, improper usage of essential oils or overly drying soap bases. So, as many other makers have said, I made my own. And we loved them. I could control what was in those products, how they were formulated and knew where the ingredients were sourced from. I felt like I was filling this responsibility to provide healthy, soothing products.

Those natural baby products were a big start to Wildflower Gypsy, but there's more to this maze of a story. Before there was Chloe, there was hairstylist Me. I attended cosmetology school in 2007 and spent some time practicing in my hometown in Upstate New York after graduation. Beau and I relocated to Savannah GA in 2011 and I continued to grow my skills and talents here. I had found one or two professional hair care brands that held similar standards in regards to natural beauty products, ingredients and sourcing. But I never felt entire confident in their products. Truthfully, up until Wildflower Gypsy's sprouting, I never found a hair care line I could truly stand behind. Now, that doesn't go without saying that there aren't a plethora of incredible product lines out there. I just didn't find one that fit my needs or requirements.

And I've always felt like there is this void between the professional world of hair care and the at home world of hair care. And that any natural hair care products found in a health food store are more reminiscent of olive oil and patchouli. If that's your thing, awesome. It's just not mine. So, take my skills and history practicing hair for almost 10 years and the immense amount of research and knowledge I gained while creating products for Chloe, combined with my everliving passion for natural flowers and beauty and you have Wildflower Gypsy. Natural hair and skin care for the nurturing, blooming free spirits of the world.

Wildflower Gypsy will always be evolving and growing, as every organic matter of this divine world does. But I want our readers and customers to know where we come from, what matters and the standards we set for ourselves and for this business. We source truly natural ingredients always and organic whenever the market allows. We believe in transparency in the world of essential oils and aromatherapy and use vendors who offer batch test results with all of their oils. Our herbs and flowers are either ethically and organically grown, homegrown or through a local small farm. We use minimal amounts of beeswax, but when we do we only source from responsible and sustainable places. And all of our packaging, bottles, tubes, jars and materials are recyclable or reusable. In creating Wildflower Gypsy, we wanted our footprint to reflect our personal beliefs about our earth and create awareness of what conscious steps we can make to reduce negative environmental influences or issues. 

I hope myself and Wildflower Gypsy has sparked a little light inside of you and reminded you that you're not alone in the search for honest to goodness products. We look forward to sharing our knowledge, our beautiful and healthy products, and thoughts on this ever evolving, powerful and magical world with you!



your free spirit's soul mate 




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