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The Divine Bloom

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The Divine Bloom

Considering this is my first blog post, it felt fitting to tell you my story. It has ventured through unexpected places + and by magical beings. I've always placed such trust in the  Universe and allowing things to appear when the timing is right. And the timing is always in Her hands, not mine. Let me explain...

Fifteen or so years ago, my body dramatically changed. I had aches, pains and symptoms I had rarely felt during my childhood. Just beginning high school, trying to fit in and function through the chaos was confusing and stressful. A family friend suggested I try acupuncture, as her daughter had been several time. I was desperate for answers and wanted a more holistic approach to my health. So my Mom and I went with an open mind and hopeful heart. And it was amazing and eye opening and truly helpful.My body responded so well, I haven't stopped going since! Even through several moves, schools and jobs, I STILL go to acupuncture. From that first appointment on, I've been drawn to more natural remedies and wellness options. This was the first of a few "ah hah" moments; my next one revealed itself 3 years into my career as a hairstylist.

Since the day I was born, I have always been a girlie girl. Growing up I loved playing dress up, with my mothers makeup and my barbies hair. And as I grew into a teen, I realized I could continue my passion of beauty and hair into the world of hairstyling. Not exactly where you'd think a hippie of sorts would venture, but trust me it'll make sense. I moved from Upstate NY all the way south to Orlando Fl to attend a Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School. It was the best decision I had ever made at that point in my life. School went well, I learned an immense amount about the industry and left with some incredible skills and knowledge. Jump ahead a few years later and you'd find me growing a clientele while continuing my education back home in Ithaca, NY. I only stayed in Ithaca for about 3 years before moving to Savannah GA where I currently have put down roots. But in that last year of being in NY I was able to train with a new and growing natural hair product company. This was my big eye opener! Through their educator training I learned about harmful paraben's, phthalates and how they directly affect our health, Especially as women. I was taught about the importance of ethical sourcing, plant based ingredients and how they benefit our bodies as a whole. To this day, I am forever grateful for what I learned from them.

Now jump ahead (again! lost yet?) here we are, 2017, a good 6 years later. A lot has changed since moving to Savannah. And all for the better. My then boyfriend Beau, is now my husband of 3 years, we have a loving sweet pitbull Lola, and the funniest little toddler named Chloe Mae. We love our city that has become home and the amazing friends we have made here. I never expected to land in this city or where its as taken me. But it all falls back on that Universe thing. She's crafty and wise and unpredictable in the most beautiful way possible. I never expected to grow the life we have here. But here we are, and here I am speaking to you about my natural beauty business Wildflower Gypsy. And the big spark that catapulted me here was Chloe Mae, my Divine Bloom. After having her in April of 2015, my life drastically shifted. Literally like a divide in the road and I chose the road less travelled. She lit up something inside of me and pushed, and continues to push me towards this beautiful, healthy and wholesome life. Becoming her Mom has made me read product labels even deeper, make wiser choices about the beauty + home products we use daily and things like the importance of composting + minimizing waste. The list goes on! For I want a more magical earth left for her and her future siblings. I want her to grow in a world where we make positive, conscious decisions about our consumer needs and truly healthy choices. And the glory in all of this is how entirely possible it is to accomplish. If we can raise Chloe to know the difference of pesticide laden foods and products vs. organic, natural alternatives, then we've done our job as parents. Well that, and being a kind person, proper manners, being adventurous and independent, etc. You know, the typically stuff we all want for our future generations.

Whether you're a parent or not, we have that inner desire to create a healthy and loving environment, right? Well give me a moment to stir things up a bit inside of you...Do you buy organic food for yourself or your loved ones? Organic to avoid unnecessary pesticides and toxic preservatives? If so, have you thought about what chemicals could be hiding in plain sight in your hair and skin care products? Even cleaning products? You'd be amazed at what you'll find. A list of ingredients that are difficult to pronounce, let a lone know what they are used for. For me personally, I want to know what Im absorbing into my skin or letting my toddler soak in during her bath time adventures. Becoming aware is the most important thing we can do in the journey of change. Know what you're using and how it can affect your health is so terribly important. Did you know that 99% of breast cancer tissue has traces of parabens in it? These are common preservatives in mainstream beauty products and can mimic estrogen (Journal of Applied Toxicology Jan. 2012). Or that the term "fragrance/parfum" on a label really has no measure of what is an acceptable ingredient or not? According to the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database, "The word "fragrance" or "parfum" on the product label represents an undisclosed mixture of various scent chemicals and ingredients used as fragrance dispersants such as diethyl phthalate. Fragrance mixes have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential effects on the reproductive system." The EWG is a nonprofit organization that reports on the safety or hazards of all skin, hair and nail care products and is a true resource of information. You can check them out at and search for reports on any questionable ingredients you find in your beauty products! And after these little bits of beauty product information has sunk in, remember one thing; Be mindful and aware. It takes only a few seconds to scan the ingredient list on a bottle of dry shampoo or a tub of body butter. Read, learn, grow and be the change you wish to see in the world

Wildflower Gypsy was created to share a view into the wonderfully enchanting world of natural beauty and self care. This is a place of education, empowerment and bewilderment. We are a positive platform for information on alternative choices, beautiful natural products that nourish you body, mind and soul and a sanctuary of inspiration. I hope my journey stirs something up inside of you and has you asking + searching for more. More wellness, more happiness, more self love and more adventures.

<<< Stay wild my flower child >>> 

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