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DIY Handcrafted Rose Water

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DIY Handcrafted Rose Water

Tutorial by Tristin Farris of Bodaford Botanical Flower Farm

Tristin has been one of my truest, wittiest and genuine friends since moving to Savannah 5 years ago. We met at the salon we worked at and instantly hit it off. This girl says what she means, loves hard and leaves me laughing every time I see her. And to top off her bad-assness, Tristin is currently pursuing her dream of flower farming (insert intense envy on my end!) on her homestead, aptly names Bodaford Botanical Flower Farm. Talk about female empowerment!

Towards the end of last year, while I was visiting her new home and land, she gifted me some of her handcrafted rose water and bath soaks. Yes, you heard that right, her own handmade rose water! Girl after my own heart. Since Wildflower Gypsy believes whole heartedly in transparency and purity with our natural beauty products, I knew I needed Tristin to share how she made her rose water. 

Being the creative + rad person that Tristin is, she gladly shared her process with me and Wildflower Gypsy. Here it is my friends, be ready to have your flower happy heart explode with DIY energy.

   Chelsea and I first connected through our love of doing hair and all things beautiful and colorful. I think we are both firm believers in the fact that beauty truly does come from nature. Be it hairdressing, interior design, fashion, and just plain preference, it seems that beauty is always inspired and derived from nature.

We have all noticed there's a growing gravitation and desire to have naturally and sustainably derived products. On my many mommy outings to Target, I would see mesmerizing bottles of rose water that I'd pick up and admire. Followed by me promptly putting it down once I noticed the price tag. I looked a few other places and found no affordable alternatives. 

I had moved on to my then obsession of preparing for a big masquerade party I was hosting in our new home. I went way over board and bought more dozens of roses than I’m willing to admit. And as the blooms faded, I started to wonder about alternative uses for the fresh cuts I indulged in.

After a little research, I found it to be ridiculously easy and relatively inexpensive to make enough rose water for yourself or friends and family.


  • 1. Fresh red roses

I found out the hard way that these roses must be fresh for the rose water to have the dreamy pink hue that I desired. Dried or non colored roses will not achieve the same result. They don’t have to be first day fresh, but they still need to have their red color.

  • 2. Distilled Water

  • 3. Spray bottles to store your product


  1. Simply remove and separate all petals from the roses

  2. Place petals into a boiling pot of distilled water for 5 minutes 

  3. Strain liquid into a bowl or jar and let cool

  4. Pour fresh rose water into your desired containers

  5. Cap, label and enjoy!


The benefits of using rose water are amazing. It helps with acne, minimizes pores and as a really great makeup setting spray as I happily discovered. I also love keeping mine in the fridge during the hot months for a refreshing and cooling spray during day.

You can add dried hibiscus petals to the rose water as it cools down to add more red tone as shown above.

And if your worried about wasting your precious rose petals after they're boiled down, you can mix them with epsom salt for the most indulgent bath, fit for a queen. I tried it and it truly was such a great way to unwind and give back to myself.

So in the future, just buy the dang roses if you want them! I love having fresh blooms in the house and sometimes they have more than a single use. These bought countless love, smiles and beauty benefits to so many of my favorite people. And that my friends is what it's all about; sharing my love of flowers and DIY beauty remedies with those closest to me.

You can follow Tristin and her Bodaford Botanical Flower Farm dreams become a reality on Facebook under Tristin Ratcliff Farris, or on Instagram @tristinratcliff 

Happy crafting my free spirits!!!

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