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Autumn Hairstyles for Free Spirit's on the Go

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Autumn Hairstyles for Free Spirit's on the Go

Depending on where you hail in this country, fall weather is right around the corner and us coastal Georgians are really praying for it! I cannot wait for cooler air, cognac colored boots and pumpkin spice everything. Many of my favorite bohemian hairstyle trends cross over into the crisper months easily and I wanted to share some of these simple, go to looks for busy ladies like myself.

Autumn Braids, Buns and Waves

]Barefoot Blonde Hair's braids always look fresh and relaxed

There's nothing more feminine than a simple half up French braid mixed with air dried or slept in hair. The longer you wear this style, the more relaxed and loose it becomes, leaving you with flirty fly aways and texture.


Textured Topknot

A messy topknot for day two, three or four of not shampooing, but perked up with plenty of dry shampoo. You can avoid hair ties and bobby pins by using a metal hair pin or fork (see below!).


Tezza Hippie Braids Tezza's hair is always the perfect mix of boho, free spirit and womanly


Lived in fishtail braids are a quick and easy go to when you have a few minutes to style. A traditional three strand braid gives a similar look and works wonders on shorter or longer strands. Another option would be to pin these braids around the top of your head to create a milk braid look. Remember to always pull and pinch apart your braids for a full affect.


Dress up those Strands

Hair accessories can make you feel even more pulled together, especially when running late is a daily occurrence, chasing a wild toddler has become a sport or you're simply wanting to keep your hair up and away from your nursing babes curious fingers. And with cooler fall weather and cozy colors, the options are limitless.


Gigi Pip has caught my eye over and over. They have a constant influx of new, trendy and practical hats, making covering up messy hair a cinch. Whether you're a classic baseball cap kind of mom, a free spirited mama bird or just the kind of person trying to keep yourself put together, this shop has what you'll want and need.

Top Left: Annabelle Brown Floppy $46

Bottom Left: Laci Classic Baseball $26

Right: Sold Out; Lettie Flat Brim (next Choice) $58


Scarves and Turbans.

I cannot think of a better pairing than air dried or imperfect hair paired with a floral or printed scarf. They make everything just look so effortless, yet put together. It's super important to find a head band or scarf that sits properly on your head as some can slide up. Try them out and see what works.

I personally love snagging eclectic floral fabric from a craft store and making my own or converting a light weight scarf into a headband by cutting it down to size. If you lack the time or skills, you can snag a hair scarf or stretchy turban from some of these rad shops below.

Left: Antique shops are full of soft, feminine vintage scarves, go explore!

Right: Im With The Band Headbands, LA


Hair Pins.

I couldn't survive with out my stash of generic bobby pins and brassy hammered metal hair pin I snagged from La Soucique Studio during Moxie Craft Fest this last spring in Brunswick GA. Hair combs and pins like these are practical and pretty, which is a win win when you need multitaskers.

Traditional bobby pins can be positioned in triangles to finish off a style, or organically placed when pulling back a side of your hair. Botanical and flower hair combs add a touch of femininity without feeling childish and set well any where in a style. And hair pins, or forks, are a messy bun, busy lady's best friend! Instead of fighting numerous bobby pins or a less than flattering hair tie, simply twist, weave and push the pin through. You can shop these styles here:

Top Left: Have a bigger impact with these Curved Gold Bobby Pins - Mane Message $15

Bottom Left: Leaf Hair Comb - Jen Atkins X Chloe and Isabel $58

Right: Brass Classic Hair Pin - CA Makes

I hope once those leaves turn and the air turns crisp, you've found some new and exciting hair inspiration to try. Everything truly is quick, simple and manageable when you have kids to chase, work to do and still want to feel like You. What styles or trends have you been lusting after? I'd love to know!

xoxo My Wildflowers 

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