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Curious about the Gathering?

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Curious about the Gathering?

So much potential. Potential for growth, rebirth, alignment with your true self. It's a seed planted, waiting to honor your energy, boundaries, wishes and needs. We're entering a new paradigm; upleveling our selves and how we interact in this world.

Wildflower Gypsy is building a Gathering of Herbal Hairstylist; those who want freedom, more creative options, healing, support for Mother Earth + to cultivate a continual deep love for their craft. I have so much to share and teach on herbal hair color and slow hair care, so created a 30+ page guide, A Gathering of Herbal Hairstylists; An Intro to Flower Hair Color for Professional Hairstylists interested in working in a holistic, herbal way. It will answer many of your questions and open your mind to a new, old way of cultivating beauty rituals. This will be released within the Month of May! Keep an eye out in your email inbox for the date!

The Gathering as a whole will include more in depth virtual education, slow hair care rituals for in salon, backbar support + offerings, opportunities to bring in more revenue without carrying an entire line in salon and so much more. Hello future retreats and fingers crossed, farm visits!!!

We have also put together a Stylist Experience Set for you to play with our Flower Colors, Coming Soon! It includes 2 oz jars of our foundational Flower Hair Color Powders, and all the additives you need to experiment and create. Once Welcomed to The Gathering + an account is created, you will have access to this Stylist Experience Set.

I invite you to join us in the Gathering, Wildflower! Follow the link below to fill out a simple form allowing us to get to know you + your herbal hair journey + styling background. Once approved, we will add you to our Gathering of Herbal Hairstylist Collection, which is your golden ticket to accessing content. As a friendly reminder, you will need to create an account and password to access the Flower Hair Color Guide for Stylists, investing in the Stylist Experience Set and all other education. We value the dedication, time + energy put into a career in hair and want to respect this by only allowing access to those licensed and serious about this journey in herbal hair color and care. And as always, share with your like minded stylists. It's a revolution, babe!

A Gathering of Herbal Hairstylists Application Form

xo Chelsea

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